Farm to Fork Fondo is Back with Vermont's 6-Foot Fondo Champlain Islands September 7th!

Limited to just 150 riders with strict social distance protocols and compliance with Vermont regulations. Register Now to secure a place!

Stunning lake and mountain views, quaint villages, quiet meandering roads, fresh and fantastic local foods -- this is Vermont, the heart of the small farm movement.

Farming has always played a large role in the lives of Vermonters, but today it faces more pressure than ever before and much of the state's quiet country landscape is in danger.

In the late 1700's Vermont was filled with self-sufficient farmers, consuming everything they grew on their land. Then sheep were introduced and became a major source of income until the Civil War when dairy cows began to take prominence. Milk and dairy products have since been the state's signature, recently accounting for as much as 79% of Vermont's annual agriculture revenues.

But farming in Vermont is changing. There are fewer and fewer farms and less and less of the land in the state is used for agriculture. Rising land prices and taxes have lead to residential development of many of Vermont's farms. The ones that have survived hold the prime farmland or have diversified into beef cattle, pigs, turkeys, eggs, apples, honey and maple syrup. The brightest change recently has come from young Vermonter farmers creating artisan cheeses, craft breweries, high-quality organic fruits and vegetables, and more.

Featured Farms

Snow Farm Winery 
Hackett's Orchard
Dreamwalker Farm
Sunset Lake Farm


Post-ride Farm To Fork Picnic Lunch
Aid Station 'Small Bites'

Gran Fondo - 75 miles

Dozens of Vermont farms. Breathtaking views and rolling green hills in and around Lake Champlain. Earn your feast. Dine in style.
Approximately 3,500 feet of elevation gain
4 Aid Stations at local farms

Medio Fondo - 55 Miles

Get up close and personal with Lake Champlain and a variety of local Vermont farms along its borders. Enjoy the light breezes and take in the gorgeous summer-in-Vermont views. All of the Gran Fondo experience in a tighter package.

3 Aid Stations at local farms

Piccolo Fondo - 27 Miles

Bucolic landscapes, working farms and stunning views on and around Lake Champlain. Your favorite Sunday drive, now on two wheels. We've packed the picnic.

2 Aid Stations at local farms

Ramble Ride - 9 Miles

See some farms and lovely views by bike. Wave to your friends. Cross the finish line. Relax and dine. Happy tummies ride local. 

1 Aid Station at local farm

Standard registration fee includes:

post-ride meal,
treats along your ride,
Farm to Fork face covering
and much more!
Plus $10 minimum donation to the Farm to Fork Healthy Communities Program

Strict Social Distance Protocols

The health and safety of our participants, staff, farmers, and host community members has always been our top priority. The 2020 6-Foot Fondo will strictly follow Vermont regulations and the protocols below to limit physical interactions. Learn more about our COVID-19 response and action.

Travel restrictions. Vermont has quarantine requirements for out-of-state travelers coming from certain locations. Does your county have more than 400 active cases per million residents? If so, please read the full Vermont Department of Health travel policy to understand the restrictions before traveling to Vermont.

Limit on group size. The 6-Foot Fondo is limited to 150 participants to comply with the Vermont outdoor event size limit. In addition, all participants will be released in small groups of no more than 25 riders every 15 minutes to limit rider density.

Protective gear. All guests, staff, and volunteers are required to wear face coverings when gathering or near others. Face coverings are not required while riding or eating. A custom Farm to Fork face covering is included in your registration.

Stay home if you are sick. We’ve revised our transfer policies to allow you to transfer to any other 2020 or 2021 Fitness Adventure if you’re feeling sick or have been at risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Strict food service protocols. We’re working with our caterers and farmers to ensure we are delivering your small bites and post-ride meals safely and according to updated health guidelines.

Hand washing. All guests and staff are required to regularly wash their hands throughout the day. We’ll provide all guests with travel bottles of Farm to Fork hand sanitizer made by Mad River Distillery in Vermont. We’ll also provide hand washing stations or hand sanitizer at all stopping points along your ride. In addition, our staff will regularly disinfect any common surfaces.

Register Now to Secure a Place!

Your registration is guaranteed. Free transfers to 2020 or 2021 Farm to Fork Fitness Adventures if your adventure is affected by COVID-19 or if you don’t feel comfortable attending. Transfer must be made at least 1 week prior to the Fondo.

For more information,please visit:, or click the button below to register now.

Farm to Fork Fondo Back with Vermont's Champlain Islands September 7th!

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