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The Roots Bikepacking

March 24 2022
Angoulême, France
Status: The date for the event has not yet been confirmed.

It all starts with the birth of a passion...

A passion that originated in the region of Angoulême, 30 years ago. Long years of practice, on the road and on the road, during which the love of cycling will grow. Over the years, this love remains intact. The practice has been refined and purified. The vision is different today, but the foundations and philosophy remain the same.

A passion is not a selfish thing, it is shared. The Roots Bikepacking is a reflection of all this, a dream, the itinerary of a life of cycling, the adventure of a passion... A return to the roots.

The Roots Bikepacking is an ultra-distance road cycling event, untimed, unsuperated.

Even if it's not a race, it's an event that can't be improvised. It takes place early in the year and is therefore exposed to more difficult conditions than a summer event. It takes a good physical condition to overcome the course and plan long days of cycling to complete the race on time (280 km/day).

The event will be conducted according to these principles:

Unse assisted
Non-stop progression

The Roots Bikepacking

Routes: 700, 1500 km
Difficulty of Greatest Route: F - Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles
Start Address: Angoulême, France
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