Gran Fondo World Tour ® ROUVY Challenge, April 27th - PRE-REGISTER NOW!
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Gran Fondo World Tour ® ROUVY Challenge - April 27th

April 27th - 1:30 PM  CEST
(8:30 PM Seoul-Tokyo / 7:30 PM / 9:30 PM Sidney / 6:30 PM Bangkok / 5:30 PM (Astana-Almaty)

April 27th - 7:30 PM CEST 
(1:30 PM NY-Washington / 11:30 AM Denver 12:30 AM Indianapolis / 10:30 AM Los Angeles / 12:30 PM Bogota-2:30 PM Buenos Aires) 

One mass starts in the two time zones above.

The registration process is free and will allow you to qualify for the semi finals of the Gran Fondo Virtual World Championship ® to be held in November with $3,000 USD prize pool for final World Champion winners, both men and women.

The event is open to all cyclists, no age restrictions in the Open Men / Open Women categories. All finishers will enter to GFWT ® ranking with 100 “bonus” points and will receive a digital badge. 

You will benefit with a FREE 15 day voucher to use Rouvy and take your position on the start to qualify for the Virtual World Championships.