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14:06 CET, 08:06 US EST  -  Bruce Bird wins the Andorra Rouvy Challenge, part of the Virtual Gran Fondo World Tour Series in a time of 43m 57s ahead of Jonas Orset 2 seconds behind and Adam Pel 3 seconds behind. Get the LIVE results here >> https://my.rouvy.com/onlinerace/live/45241

13:58 CET, 07:58 US EST  -  You can view the LIVE results on Rouvy >> https://my.rouvy.com/onlinerace/live/45241

13:57 CET, 07:57 US EST  -  Bruce Bird wins in 43m 57s ahead of Jonas Orset

13:56 CET, 07:56 US EST  -  That was previous GFWT winner Jonas Orset talking to the commentators from Movistar

13:42 CET, 07:42 US EST  -  A Galindo in the studio has moved up to 5th place.

13:28 CET, 07:28 US EST  -  Former Fran Fondo World Series Champion Bruce Bird from Canada moves into first place, ahead of former GFWT winner Jonas Onset.

13:27 CET, 07:27 US EST  -  G. Pedretti still leads the race, previous GFWT men's winner Jona Orset is only 250m of the pace of the leader

13:02 CET, 07:02 US EST  -  G. Pedretti leads the race

13:01 CET, 07:01 US EST  -  Stream will return in a moment, Ad break!

12:54 CET, 06:54 US EST  -  Here we go, over 260 riders have started the climb!

12:53 CET, 06:53 US EST  -  Over 260 riders have signed up for this first GFWT virtual challenge - https://my.rouvy.com/onlinerace/live/45241

12:49 CET, 06:49 US EST  -  Riders are warming up.

12:46 CET, 06:46 US EST  -  Ordino-Arcalis Rouvy Virtual Challenge is happening!

Take on the Grand Tour climb of Ordino-Arcalis, a 10.46 mile climb with over 3,195 feet of climbing and gradients of up to 21% in Andorra on the Rouvy right now!

12:18 CET, 06:18 US EST  -  GFWT CEO Dani Buyo is warming up!

12:17 CET, 06:17 US EST  -  Helllo, welcome to live coverage of the Gran Fondo World Tour opening virtual race, the climb of Ordino-Arcalais

Ordino-Arcalis Rouvy Challenge

27th February- 07:00 EST, 12:00 GMT, 13:00 CET 

One mass start for all times zones together, please use 12:00 UTC for your timezone.

The registration process is free and will allow you to qualify for the semi finals of the Gran Fondo Virtual World Championship ® to be held in November with $3,000 USD prize pool for final World Champion winners, both men and women.


The event is open to all cyclists, no age restrictions in the Open Men / Open Women categories. All finishers will enter to GFWT ® ranking with 100 “bonus” points and will receive a digital badge. 

You will benefit with a FREE 15 day voucher to use Rouvy and take your position on the start to qualify for the Virtual World Championships.